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Dr. Shaheen R. Upton, DMD at 1810 Decatur Highway in Fultondale, Alabama

Dr. Shaheen R. Upton, DMD is healthcare, which located in Alabama. They address is 1810 Decatur Highway.
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Phone: +1 205-874-9605


1810 Decatur Highway,
Fultondale, Alabama
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Customer Reviews about Dr. Shaheen R. Upton, DMD

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    I am writing this review on behalf of my 75-year-old mother who wants to make sure that no one else has to go through the pain and suffering she experienced at the hands of Dr. Shaheen Upton at Family Care Dental (1810 Decatur Hwy 212, Fultondale, AL 35068). As her son, I saw first hand the results of Dr. Shaheen Upton's multiple instances of malfeasance. Her behavior and conduct were rude and reckless. Her methods and practices were both dangerous and dishonest. Dr. Shaheen Upton put a crown on my mother's tooth and broke it. Dr. Upton then extracted that tooth and, in doing so, broke the tooth next to it. Let me note that while Dr. Upton was causing all of this permanent damage to my mother's mouth, she was charging her top dollar for everything--the crown that broke the tooth; the tooth that needed extraction because of the damage from the crown, etc. Then Dr. Upton said she would make "a partial" for the missing and damaged teeth. This is where Dr. Upton's actions proceed from being recklessness and incompetent to dishonest and fraudulent. What Dr. Upton claimed to be "a partial"--and it's the only way she ever referred to it--is actually a "dental flipper". A flipper is a temporary replacement and not a more permanent "partial denture" made of metal and acrylic. Dr. Upton put this flipper in my mother's mouth herself, so she knew exactly what it was. Of course, this dental flipper broke. (Absurdly, it was supposed to be supported by the remnants of the tooth Dr. Upton had broken.) When my mother took what Dr. Upton called the "partial denture," actually the broken dental flipper, to Dr. Upton, she said that she, "offered no repairs and no refunds." She claimed that the money my mother had paid was "for labor and not materials." To add insult to what appears to be dental malpractice on the part of Dr. Upton, she said, "And I don't want anything bad said about me or my office," which my mother took as a threat meant to intimidate her. To me, this comment just seemed to add to Dr. Upton's blatant consciousness of guilt. The bill was exorbitant. My mother only had unnecessary, permanent damage done to her mouth by Dr. Upton, and yet she was expected to pay in full, with no repairs or refunds offered or given. And, on top of this, she was rudely sent out the door with an intimidating threat. My mother still has this cheap-looking piece of broken plastic, the dental flipper, as evidence, along with other proof--as well as the very injuries that Dr. Upton inflicted to her mouth. Given the pain, suffering, and damage that Dr. Shaheen Upton caused my mother at Family Care Dental, she feels compelled to warn others of the unethical and dangerous practices of Dr. Upton and her office. My mother will file a formal complaint with the Board of Dental Examiners of Alabama and has an attorney to represent her until this matter is resolved to her satisfaction. In addition, my mother would like to warn potential patients that the Family Care Dental in Hoover, AL (3325 Lorna Road) is also run by Dr. Shaheen Upton.
    June 19, 2019
    by Christopher
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